i`ve been having a bit of an identity crisis as of late, but i realized yesterday something silly.  while researching `voile` fabric, i found another type of fabric that is my own rare last-name. it`s a roughly woven plain colored boiled wool, my favorite! and as for my first name in japanese, when i got a new hanko this second time around in japan, i told the shop staff that anything they could come up with in kanji was bound to be better than my old hanko, which had the kanjis for `ashtray`.  (i know, right.  try opening bank accounts or getting passports with that.)  for my new hanko the staff showed me the kanjis they came up with and said they roughly mean `woven cloth`.  so both of my names are in some way at least related to weaving.  it`s silly, but it made me feel a little bit better about who i am and what i`m supposed to be doing with my life.  the two silk cloth pieces pictured i finished weaving recently, but i can`t decide where to put them up for sale yet.    do i rent a box, go to a handmade fair, or put them on etsy where they can`t be touched to get a sense of the feel.  hmm!  i have to work on the tags as well.  wish me luck!