1…blintzes blintzes

2…pumpkin pie pumpkin pie (martha stewart)

3… LATKES (from smitten kitchen, yum! i always go to her recipes for no-fail intrigue. she also has a recipe for rhubarb crumb cake,  AND BLINTZES!)

 4… rhubarb crumb cake (also from Martha Stewart!)

these are four tasty treats not so easy to find in japan, not so familiar.  luckily my kitchen can produce most of these, except the last one as rhubarb is something I've never seen here in the supermarket.  

latkes are my all time favorite mood food.  i have a go-to recipe for these; i usually just grate together one onion and one potato in a bowl, sprinkle on some sea salt and flour, then beat in one egg.  i then fry the mixture in the form of one or two big pancakes in crackling olive oil, flipping once.  it takes about 5-10 minutes total to cook the potato through.  take a nibble and make sure it`s cooked enough for you. pat down with kitchen paper and top with a triple dose of sour cream, serving size - one snack. ps- don`t skip the onion, that`s where your flavor is coming from.  YUM!