oh my golly, there isn`t nearly enough PIE in japan.  i`ve been craving lemon meringue all week. found this site food52, where the whole recipe for no fail lemon meringue pie is, complete with excellently styled photos.  i love the look of their front page!  be going back now.  to find pie.  and make pie.  also got myself into some rug weaving last night.  you know how we all snack while we knit?  well, i bought three `meiji` milk chocolate bars.  now there are two.  correction, one.  weavers are not exempt from the need for fuel. (did you know that higher cocoa and lower sugar content makes japanese chocolate bars uberalles? enchuldigung! das ist richtig!)  my rug started to look like a chocolate bar.  this skein of brown wool was from my husband`s grandmother`s stash - i originally knit it into some mittens for my dad for a christmas gift about 6 years ago, but he never wore them, never even unwrapped them, so i reclaimed them and reclaimed the yarn.  lol.  to be fair, i wasn`t that great a knitter six years ago and i made the thumb unproportionally small.  oh well!  now i have a geometric chocolate rug!