sometimes i can`t believe my thrifting luck.  i couldn`t help myself so now i`m working on a sweater.  i`m going to try and incorporate some small weaving patches i did with a wool yarn in the same color from saori and some of my pink hand painted handspun.  i often get bummed out by the sleeves when i knit a sweater, so to keep this one quick and light i`ve started with the sleeves first, and no pattern.  I'm just switching through stitches i know by heart whenever i feel like it, and also jumping between knitting and crochet. you may have noticed i`m a bit of a lazy knitter.  it`s funny because i`m absolutely the opposite with my weaving.  my nan`s favorite stitch is basket weave and i threw in a bit of that so i`ll think of her when i wear it.  ps- that whole lot of john lennon life yarn cost 1500¥.