i`m an adult, i swear. (my lunch)

 my husband brought back stroopwafels from amsterdam on his last business trip.  i was in umeda/osaka for an appointment and spotted these at `supermarket` (the foreign food shop). they were a bit pricey but i couldn`t resist the promise of cinnamon waffles smooched together with caramel-y syrup. TGTBT.  some people call `dorayaki` the ultimate crack/snack (soft japanese pancake circles sandwich-smeared with beany jam) but i think the dutch put the proverbial flag on the moon with these.
i don`t know why, but i constantly, CONSTANTLY photograph the dirty dishes in the sink and the junk in my trashcan too.  sometimes i have to stop myself from photographing the W/C.  it`s like a weird obsession that i keep telling myself is `art`. 

my partner used to get japanese saran-wrap sent to him in canada.  while it may or may not be superior to north american saran-wrap (it is) personally, i have to big up japanese paper towels.  i buy my paper towels in japan in tissue box form.  it is pure genius.  you can see it sticking up there with the pink pots and the number 70 in the brown circle.  no more rolls for me!  my counter is prime real estate man!  good design!