chambray shirtdress - thrifted MUJI triangle shawl - yaya 

what i love about the trends this year is that there seems to be a continuation and ample opportunity to use those items in your closet from a few years back, denim & chambray shirts, skinny jeans, leather moto jackets, breton stripes, just mixed about a bit.  that is the great thing about neutrals and basics i guess, a lot of mileage.  works for me!    i always wear the shirtdress over black jeggings.  my husband brought back this shawl from a business trip in europe for my birthday, along with a yaya lookbook. although i usually dress more tomboyish, i like their rocker looks and i think he did pretty good.  i was impressed with quality of the soft 100% double knit cotton. the flagship and a few other shops are in the netherlands.  to show you the weather level here and how cotton in 2 layers is still possible, here are a few shots of the balmy changing leaves.

soft cotton is so kind to your skin.  until my mid twenties i lived in vintage polyester.  i can never go back.