i`ve become very attached to the `ticker` as of late.  a basket helps keep all of my clutter out of sight, but a basket cover goes the extra mile and puts it out of mind.  i`m a creative person, i play music, knit, crochet, weave, sew, draw, write, take photos, cook, etc.  in my university days this served to explain the mountains of clothing piled in the hallway that you had to crawl through to get to my equally disastrous room, and why we only did dishes once every two months.  nowadays, i can`t do a thing until i`ve straightened up the whole house.  i never thought i`d be this person, but i can`t lie; a clean, minimal dwelling is sooo conducive to inspiration and making.  and since we rent in kyoto, you might be able to imagine how limited space makes minimalism seem so much more urgent.  this was a very satisfying weave.