my husband has the best recipe for blueberry scones.  we have made these alot.  he is very strict about the using the proper procedure and exact measurements, but it is worth the extra attention and elbow grease as they are delectable.  i usually disregard all recipes and measure things with my imagination (you can see i went rogue in the photos as my husband wasn't at home by lazily skipping the kneading stage, adding the blueberries last, dousing them in raw flour and using only white sugar. they totally sucked by comparison.  i still ate them all, but they sucked by comparison.  lol.) 

you have to stick to the recipe on this one.  don`t substitute the brown sugar out because the flavor will be nowhere near the same.  this recipe is by weight as are many japanese recipes, and i can`t find a proper conversion so if you don`t have a kitchen scale, this might not be for you!  i don`t know where the original recipe came from, but we`ve been carrying it around on a little piece of notepaper.  until now it`s been top secret as these soft scones had been a formidable form of social currency at family gatherings.  my grandma (a prized scone maker herself in the newfie tradition, `tea biscuits` or `raisin buns` as we call them) loves them.  give it a try and enjoy!!  they will still be soft the next day, provided there are any left!

husband`s blueberry scones

flour - 310 grams

brown sugar - 80 grams
butter (unsalted) 80 grams
milk - 150cc
baking powder 2 tsp
salt 1/4 tsp.
frozen blueberries 70 grams

preheat your oven to 375 degrees farenheit

mix all of your dry ingredients together after measuring them carefully. completely rub in your cold butter until you get your petite pois and slowly add the milk (you can substitute soy milk, no problem).  add in your frozen blueberries and knead by hand for a good few minutes.  (it`s a bit cold and painful on the knuckles with the frozen blueberries in there but hey; no pain, no gain!  the frozen berries help with the wet-dry proportions and will create little pockets of steam as they bake, making your scones light and airy.)  pat into a round cake on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, cut like a pie into wedges and separate each piece gently.  bake in  a preheated oven for 20 min at 375 degrees farenheit.  (keep an eye on `em just to be sure, no two ovens are alike.) tastes best still hot from the oven with pads of salted butter, but will stay fresh until the next day.  i like to reheat mine in the microwave!

don`t i kindof suck at writing out recipe instructions?  don`t forget to put on a fresh pot of tea or coffee!

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