DEC 24

it is christmas eve. i bought a whole chicken, lugged it home and roasted it stuffed with lemon halves and garlic rubbed down with sea salt and sage butter. ( i was inspired by a very old french-canadian cookbook, and roasted it atop root vegetables with sugar - delicious.). from the very ends i made a gravy, and a soup that is for all intents and purposes a borscht since i added beet greens to my now-pink stock.  i will make some gingerbread cookies.  aside from all that it doesn't feel particularly christmas like, perhaps due to my beliefs, particularly my lack of them, as well as the non-plussed weather.  we did buy some craft beer (nagisa beer!) and received some amazing organic marzipan from german work-peoples.  i also bought a pile of tiny mikan oranges from wakayama.  our tree is a collection of pine bows (the traditional japanese new years ornament, convenient!) feels very much old school. joyous yule, you all, wherever you all are!

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