it amazes me that the camera on my already-jurassic 2nd hand no-carrier smartphone is superior to my actual pentax.  i was born in the beginning of the 80`s and have always had a paranoid-schizophrenic type relationship with electronic devices and technology.  my fascination with photography began as a child with admiring my fathers old black and white photos and his old cameras (praktica which soon became mine).  i had an old brownie (i don`t actually know what it was called, but in my head i call it a brownie ) i think and i remember shooting weird film reels at summer camp at around 12 or 13.  i had rolls upon rolls of far off and out of focus cows crossing a river.  i`m still fascinated.  when i took a photography course in college in the 90s there was no digital element.   now my crazy phone is taking insanely sharper than life images without my help.  it doesn`t faze me at all that my grandparents refuse to use a computer.  i`m ready to cash out at 33 with this scary smartphone.

a cup of soba-cha (buckwheat tea) back on the hatsuyuki (first day of snow) in kyoto.  a cold day of temples warmed by steamy tea indoors.  it is cold in winter, and hot in summer.  that is how it is.  there is a certain pleasure in being uncomfortable, i believe it is the anticipation of enjoying comfort.  maybe remembering discomfort is the `umami` that seasons and brightens the tastes of comfort.  i`m slowly warming to the idea of cold and draughty winters again.  :D  thank goodness, right?  otherwise i`d just be plain miserable.

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