my best friend, sister really, was visiting from canada for the past ten days.  in our down time we hunted down thrift store sweaters on their last legs, unravelled them together and knit up a little pile of socks.  she`s a much faster and more fastidious knitter than i, and so after she finished a pair for herself to keep her feet warm here in chilly kyoto, she started knitting socks for the homeless on the lower east side of vancouver where she resides. it was nice to see some cheery colors around for a change as my world has been painted hopelessly neutral for the longest time.  she is the most kindhearted gal and kyoto feels lonelier already without her around, and much more drabby (can that be a word?).  i hope a little bit of her kindheartedness rubbed off on me while she was here.  after all, `tis the season for personal growth.

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