i watched a show on the tv the other night about a japanese film crew who went to brazzaville, congo to meet the sapeurs, or members of a cultural movement known as `la sape` , which is difficult for me to try to explain properly as i watched the documentary in japanese and found it hard to grasp beyond how it was presented on the program.  i understand it`s a bit more of a complicated topic from the brief bit of searching i did online.  rather  than get into anything political, i am content to linger in the sartorial realm and sift through endless photos of extremely dapper congolese gentlemen on the internets.  seriously, it does not surprise me that paul smith bows down to their styling talents.  also fascinating were the concepts of `studied indifference` and `strutting` i saw presented by the gentlemen interviewed on the japanese program.  as well as the ideas of nonviolence and  spending 400$ on a suit.
there is another documentary film out there called `sunday in brazzaville` that I'm dying to get my hands on.  have you seen it?

the making of sunday in brazzaville; source: wikipedia

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