i used to be pretty free in my weaving process, in all stages.  (everything i do, actually, is pretty `free` - be it a knitting project, recipe or a haircut...)  recently i`ve tried to plan things out a little bit to see how that goes.  it`s fun, sofar at least!  i`m designing some new tags for the new years weaving batch - `haru ichi men no hana`, i like how simple it sounds/looks. :D  time to get some things back in etsy.  it has been a while getting sorted out here in the new-old country and all, from futon-surfing at the inlaws to having a space of our own in kyoto with room for weaving.  i`ve always found my inspiration in the yarns, and i`m excited by all the fibers hanging around, humming with potential.  time to get down to the tedious parts (warping warping warping, setting setting setting) and managing those processes so they stay enlightened and don`t sink into boredom.  keeping a clear mind, and music and coffee helps so much!

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