an old scarf i took from my shop and kept for myself. 
i made a lemon meringue pie, and i beat the meringue by hand.  i was winded but it was so satisfying. unfortunately i screwed up somewhere between the graham base and the real lemon filling.  the filling seemed fine, but japanese graham crackers are whack! they were like a cross between arrowroot and hard bread.  even my wooden rolling pin couldn`t break them.  fail.  (we ate the meringue off the top.)
my favorite weaving of all time, a scarf made of silk, mohair and bamboo yarn i ordered on etsy and had delivered to my mailbox at our cabin in the middle of almost nowhere one winter day last year..  a little expensive but so worth it.  first time i wore it!  took my partner to a zen temple i thought he`d love, not too far from home, so i thought i`d dress up.  hot matcha and mochi stuffed with white anko in the temple while we watched snow falling on the moss garden. simple is so good.

i`ve been studying embroidery on the sly (aka reading for free in the bookstore for hours - yay japan!) and have some ideas slowly forming up.  i think my weaving has always been a little tapestry-esque so i`m excited to add a few techniques into the mix.  i have to remember to keep things simple.  i was re-reading one of the saori books and misao jo (who i find very inspiring) said about tabby weaving that it is the sort of simple that is incredibly complex.  i totally agree, i feel like i have so many things to do on two harnesses i can't imagine being ready ever for more pedals.  the possibilities are so infinite. i`ve compared weaving to playing the piano before, i like it linear.

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