it was 2010 when i first opened my etsy shop as a hobby.  i can`t tell you how much fun i had taking photos in our little public housing block.  i don`t think i ever thought it would do as well as it did.:D  it was a great experience putting my little creative spirit forward, sharing my love of textiles and connecting with people from all over the world.  i toted the shop around the world and back.  one of my goals for the near future is to give the shop a much needed new years cleaning, dusting, and rearranging.  i hope to get some of my weaving back in there before the winter is over.  :D  as much as i love antique & vintage kimono, my heart just isn`t in it anymore and it is harder to source them than before.  in kyoto it seems everyone and their dog deal in vintage kimono, and i just don`t have a spirit for the competition.  i`ve seen some pretty amazing textiles hanging in the booths at markets and in shop windows though!  (pricey, but amazing!)  i`m going to focus on being the best weaver i can be!

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