ever have one of those days where you feel you need to tie your head on with a string?  i`ve been running back and forth through my tiny apartment all morning, from yarn, to woven bolts of fabric, hit with the biggest storm of creative energy.  to ward off an overload/meltdown i recognized the impending day of adult ADD quickly and hit the miles davis on the turntable, brewed a cup of coffee (which could go either way) and tried to find a way to slow down the minutes.  i wonder why i feel that  my time is slipping away so quickly- either i have too much i want to do at once, (always), or it`s just a natural side effect of climbing through my thirties, i really do have ADD, i`m just stressed about something else and throwing myself at my weaving, or my thyroid has gone off the rails.  maybe time really does fly away.  lol.  as i type this the miles davis (filles de kilimanjaro) is kicking in and i can actually feeling myself calm down and start to focus. maybe i`m some sort of weird music-idiot savant. any road, i have been literally throwing myself into my beloved weaving work and have been producing cloth either every day or every other day or every three days depending on the piece.   no matter what i do, i`m still so excited for the next.  last night i was looking at spinning wheels and multis haft looms … while i`m very interested in crackle weave, double weave, collapse weave, and all the other intriguing things i follow online, i just can't get off of tabby.  there are too many things to do!  everything i dream of doing is in plain weave.  so perhaps i`m a two pedal gal, for now at least!  (i do still want a spinning wheel though!  and different type of drop spindle - spinning is so fascinating.)  the reason i have (and like) my saori loom is because we live in such a tiny space, (kyoto! famous for tiny living spaces) and the thing graciously folds so it doesn`t take up too much space when i`m not using it.    thanks to it`s flexibility, i also lugged that thing around the world.  i can weave all day, and then fold it up before the evening meal.  i used to have a sakiori loom too, but i had to leave it in canada.  sometimes i miss having a smaller loom, it would be great to test out samples before warping up something massive that could turn out to be a nightmare.. at least knitting can be frogged! (not that i haven`t frogged my weaving before, wasted silk warp painstakingly pulled out and tied into knots and knots!)