i spent a whole day measuring and slowly starting to log some of the last six months weaving into the old etsy shop. if you are reading this and you have an etsy shop, you know how much fun all that data entry and field selection can be!  i must say it`s gotten alot easier over the years.  i still love etsy very much, it is such a friendly marketplace with a distinct community vibe.  it`s harder to find that on the internets these days.  i read somewhere that it`s about to go public, i wonder how that will change things, if anything.  i`m often inspired, motivated, cheered along and cheered up by the people i chat with over there.  just the other day i got a mail asking me about haori bracelets - it`s something i`d been thinking about doing for a long time but never thought anyone would like them beside me.  i would ask my husband, what do you think?  and he would seem as unsure as me.  i spent yesterday designing and making a few.  i think it`s strange how the vintage ombre silk is so relevant with the trends of today.  i had that experience a few times while dealing in vintage kimono over the years- i had a grey marble silk kimono when that hit the internet fashion-radar, vintage florals when that hit, even colourblock and velvet!  i guess good design is just good, and evidently we are all a bit nostalgic for the past.