right this very moment the rain is pouring all over our concrete apartment block.  last night we had a level 3 earthquake here, and as per usual in this new place all of the sliding doors started banging wildly.  it was actually the first time i jumped up and made a sound at an earthquake, as i felt it coming before it came, if that has any sense.  

i love the roll of pictures on my camera this time, and so hopefully the coming posts will be in keeping with the  party line (ie. my preferred aesthetic and senseless formless perfectionism in regard to it - {torture!}.)  i read alot of blogs, and this morning i spent my time reading blogs i should be reading;  you know, those filled with art, design, architecture, deep food, and beautifully framed photographs. in short, blogs that inspire me to not only blog higher but aim higher in my life.  though i`ve kept blogs before, and a tumblr, and blogged for a local gallery`s website for a while, none of them had staying power.  i`m trying to get myself to follow through on this one, be consistent and not give up.  i`m also trying to reclaim some of the more interesting parts of my brain, whole wings that have been closed off after years of passively and actively watching stupid television.  now i know why they said `kill your tv`.

and so, this morning i picked up my favorite book.  this book first found me when i was struggling through high school and inspired me to aim higher.  it showed me a secret world that existed beyond my small town on my small island.  even though he died a few years ago, i still feel very connected to this man and his poems.  artie gold.  i love you.

the rain is still falling.  i am knitting / designing on the fly a baby sweater for my coming niece-phew of the softest, most delicious slub wool that i space dyed lightly with st. john`s wort & chamomile.  not drinking the dye baths was a challenge because st. john`s wort smells amazing and chamomile is my go-to herbal remedy for all of my character flaws.

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