after i warped this and set it, i got to thinking how incredibly soft and delightful the yarn was.  hmm, i thought.  this was just some mercerized cotton, wasn`t it? i thought.  in japanese it`s called pearl cotton, right?  i thought.  as i ran the names of english and japanese yarns in my head i remembered `boucle` was `loop yarn` in japanese.  looking down at the tag i read the japanese with dismay - it didn`t say pearl cotton at all, it said `e-gyp-tian cot-ton` - - - good lord this was some amazing yarn i just sacrificed to this warp.  dread set in.  i`d already woven a good part of it in wool boucle.  i bust out some of my handspun wool in merino, silk and BFL and did a passage in that and then lent the rest of my pure silk yarn in grey tweed to finish this massive scarf.  i was quite happy with the finished cloth in the end, but i had to finish a little bit of the warp in an egyptian cotton hand towel for myself, so i added in some handspun cotton in three colors & weights.  what a fine warp lies underneath all that wool and silk.  it was my only skein of the egyptian cotton and can no longer be sourced.  oh well, i want to be a weaver, not a yarn hoarder.  right?