when i first saw this yarn in avril it whispered to me.  i felt it wanted to be nature-dyed - i cooked up a bath with coffee, onion skins, black beans, st.  john`s wort, chamomile.. it was a real hodgepodge.  but i liked the way it turned out.  i wound the dyed skeins into balls, warped up a checkerboard pattern alternating the dyed with the natural and wove a cloth.  after that i garment dyed half of it with rooibos and tying.  i still felt like it wasn`t finished.  i crocheted the selvedge with mohair and twisted the fringe.  i felted it.  it sat for a while.  i tried using it as a cafe curtain.  it worked for a while but i felt like it still wasn`t complete.  finally i sewed it into a cushion cover for our living space.  it is so soft, i let the mohair selvedge and the fringe show, and i absolutely love it.  sometimes it`s a struggle to hear what the fiber is saying it wants to be, but sometimes it knows better than us!

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