i swear this song was looping through my head all day yesterday.  no matter how many times i listened to it or played it on the piano it would not leave.  i felt hypnotized and all day felt like a dream.  today it has released it`s vise on me.  that is good because i have some volunteer translation editing to do, and some april jobs to apply to.  (hire me?)  (cloth for hire?)  

addendum : i just rewatched the video and may have screwed myself for today.  i love joanna newsome`s voice, and i love some harp.  i studied the pipe organ and playing for weddings i saw alot of harpists play - it`s enchanting.  the presence of a large wooden harp alone has a bewitching effect.  but it is these lyrics that will not leave me alone;  the imagery is so intense.

...our nature does not change by will
in the winter round the ruined mill
the creek is lying flat and still
it is water though it`s frozen...

gah.  i have to go make some pie crusts.  may this song have mercy on my soul.

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