woke up sad.  i missed my woods.  

i read an article in yesterday`s paper that suggested the minimalist lifestyle movement to get rid of stuff will not fill the void that buying all the stuff in the first place never filled.  lol.  true that.  in the morning i had a bath and afterwards i found a good exercise for presence or gratefulness or something.   i picked two possible outfits to wear after my bath and thought about how lucky i was to have a choice in which to wear.  so i savored the choosing of the day`s clothes.  being free, having an apartment to stay in, and good health.  very lucky.  it`s too easy to forget to enjoy the parts of life that can be enjoyed.  i wonder what will fill the void?  it sounds cheesy but the only thing i can come up with is love, and forgiveness...  new life.  strolling around the city yesterday i noticed the distinct smell of spring in the air, and some fresh buds growing on the winter trees.  i bet the sap is running on what was once our land.  i would love to see some baby chicks again.  holding a baby chick fills the void, let me tell you.

today seems like a good day for dyeing everything indigo and weaving some cloth.  and cooking some potatoes.

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