setsubun - yup, two beans. a few days ago now i bought a makizushi for my husband on setsubun, since we are in kansai after all, and dug up two little beans from my cupboard…  i don`t really care about it but i thought he might.  at dinner as he munched his sushi he said `oni soto, fuku uchi!` i laughed and said, do you want to throw it at me?  i threw my bean across the floor and turning i asked my husband, did you throw yours?  i ate it, he said.  (oh god, no.)  it was just a little uncooked bean from my rice - mix!  we eat them, he said.  i know! i know! but i forgot.  

it`s an old tradition, muromachi-old, and it`s nice to mark the passing of time.  some euro-pagan rite i`ve long forgotten seems to me to be around the same time.  i forget.  the things we all forget.

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