skirt & top thrifted

i seem to possess a slightly obsessive brain.  i keep looping on diane arbus` haircut, vintage southwestern leatherwork, `camel colored`  alpaca, `caramel colored` poodle hair, the smell of whiskey running out of an oak barrel, raspberry tartlets, coffee, coffee, coffee.and all the flowers of spring.  it`s more than possible that we all have ADD - i wonder if diane arbus` short haircut would look good on me, or only on diane arbus at that point in her life.  it`s more than possible because fifteen years ago we talked about instant gratification - then it meant poloroids and the 50 minute lifetimes of  tv serials.  development, conflict & resolution in a neat one hour format with commercials.  now the tv is on, the device is in front of your face (iPad, laptop, smartphone?), and a good book nearby.  wikipedia, google, wikipedia, Facebook, blog, youtube, pinterest. i read an article in wired a decade ago on the internet being the perfect puppet master.  now that the future is now, it feels slightly more sinister.  diane arbus said her favorite thing was to go where she`d never been.  got me thinking about my favorite thing.  seeing video footage of the last century. when one video was documenting history.  now a million videos are documenting chaos.  this blog`s chatter just part of the din.

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