there is this recycle shop way out in the countryside that we have been going to for years and years.  it is in the middle of nowhere, but it is so worth renting a car and taking a trip.  the owner is a nice fellow who always gives us a great discount, and he has such excellent taste.  it`s so exciting to go through there and see what new he has picked up since last time we`ve been.  i collected these cups - i picked out all the pieces i liked and then realized they were all made by the same two potters - aoi san and mizu san.  i`ve been so happy making little cups of coffee and tea, or using the little saucers for kaitenyaki or raspberry tarts. i would tell you how much i got them for, but you wouldn`t believe me.  it would be pure gloating anyhow.  the yarn is not thrifted, i just found it funny how since coming back to japan my eye is drawn to the same types of colors over and over again.  i also picked up these!

the silk thread is for me, the little bell may wind up in my shop.  it looks like one i found before!

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