weekends this place is such a mess.  i kind of enjoy that.  there is so much going on.

i cook up a slow ni-mono over the afternoon, and some rice.  the apartment is cold but the smells are so good.  gobo is one of my favorite vegetables.  organic carrots and lotus root, chicken, otokomae agedofu, konyaku.  smells rooty and earthy.  i listen to music while i cook.

i love my old ibook - it smells like BO for some reason every time i start it up.  i`m happy it still starts up.  my beloved manual focus camera froze up this weekend and i`ll have to get it fixed, if it can be fixed.  are these the joys of a thirty something woman with no children in kyoto?  the computer, though a dinosaur, more of a typewriter really - i keep it for writing, still kicks my butt at chess, as always.  as always, i laugh.

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