set, woven, cut and sewn while my housemate slept on the sofa.  considering i spend most nights and mornings in bed thinking about weaving, an afternoon nap so close to the loom is usually out of the question.  my brain won`t let me.  i was in the big city for an interview yesterday, turned up an hour early and tried walking around the city blocks.  this particular area there was next to nothing, and so i ask the universe - `what is in store for me, show me a glimpse of my future`.  what do i see around the bend but a window full of spinning wheels on the second floor.  beneath it, a glass shopfront showing a rainbow heaven of beautifully colored skeins of weaving yarn.  a yarn shop for weavers.  as i sat in the interview room waiting, i sighed and asked the universe again.  across the street directly looking out the glass windowed wall was a large cemetery,  staring back at a me, true enough.

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