i said goodbye to this piece not so long ago, and today two more sold in my shop.  (thank you!) packing them up to ship off tomorrow to america.  when you put so much time and effort into making something, it`s indescribable and wonderful when they find their way off into the world.  i also got two parcels in the mail from canada today, and my husband cooked up his cha-han. 

later, my husband and i were looking at old photos of us at the a-frame, from when we first moved in through all the stages of renovation…just the two of us in the woods- we looked like wild-people - tired faces, long hair & beard, dirty work clothes… we looked so different.  I received a message from thailand today - my friend in his vacation hammock instagrammed a photo of the following sign - `don`t live to work, work to live`…. with a cartoon of a person on a beach looking happy.  good reminder!

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