after another long day of work training featuring skipped lunch, uncomfortable shoes/socks/suit and fluorescent lights, i just needed to look at these photos.  i love trees.  i did get to visit my favorite weaving shop today though and rewarded myself with a divine skein of wool/angora spun in the most genius tweed i`ve ever seen.  tomorrow i have the workers health check - man it`s hard not to feel like a number even though it`s just part time work.  the number of female coworkers starting the same time as i am is less than ten percent of the new hires. the red check shawl-scarf i`ve been working on since last week is still hanging on the loom, though the end is in sight!  (literally!) it`s been a slow moving project due to the fine yarn gauge so i think for a lift my next project will be slightly closer to the chunky side.  it was rewarding work though, the wool wove up into a very fine cloth.  

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