taken just now, and how it all started out was quite different, as you can see below..

i bought a new reed last summer so that i could weave a much finer sett - it was my first try-out.  super fine wool yarn from teoriya is delightfully soft and a pleasure to weave with, but this was way out of my comfort zone to be weaving not only something so regular, but as my husband remarked, something so graphic!  i was feeling pretty confident and moved forward with the design, but underneath there has been a feeling of tension/uneasiness.  i knew this design was going to go off the rails, and here i am now, past the halfway mark, ready to start with what i can only describe as `decay` or - totally off the rails.  i love reading artists statements and often wonder if they wrote them themselves - a small blurb can be quite a heady mouthful sometimes! i`m not the best at talking about my weaving; i inuit, i weave what i feel, and there are stories in there but they usually resist language.  i will put it coarsely, i`m taking a big risk with this design because it has been so time consuming and labour intensive up to this point - i want to let it get out of control, messy, loopy, fringy, insane.  from neat and prim to absolutely frightening.  i really hope this pans out, because otherwise it will be a huge waste of time and money!

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