the blues

sippin` green tea listening to `lost in the light` by bahamas while my husband fries some pork.  i`ve had the blues all day - agreed to sign on to one of these one year contract things again… started slowly weaving a new cotton scarf in indigo and pomegranate dyed handspun yarn…  when the blues don`t leave you alone, it`s sure nice to find david lynch`s short films on hulu, for sure.  the man knows the inner world, especially the dark corners.  we chanced on an exhibit of his lithographs while in tokyo so i was super excited to see a few of his shorts, with introductions by the lovely man himself whose voice is so familiar from his bit in fire walk with me…  i fell in love with lynch as a teenager - who knew teenagers in small town newfoundland had  long, deep, philosophical symposiums over the weekends, and an unofficial film society that included `lost highway`, of course.. among others.  anyways, what would life, and art, be without the blues?  ps- i love this photo because handmade garments actually have a soul, and sometimes, you can capture it on film.  love.  have a great weekend, we`re off to a giant hand crafters fair in the big smoke.

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