a few orders shipped off this week,  there really is no better feeling than seeing your handmade cloth find a home.

well, i`m off to a grand start this morning.  i`ve long suspected that i might have some form of ADD, but this morning i started out with a TO-DO list and some music that i don`t have to remember to flip over so i`m tentatively considering that a well managed morning.  i`ve got a busy month in front of me, and just like the life lesson i learned on the farm, the only way to move a giant pile of horse shit is to just pitch in and start digging.  (don`t we all hate this english word now, but, well, literally.)

i found a book on amazon last night that sounded like my story - starting a crazy new out-of-the-blue business with a new spouse - and then finding yourself struggling to keep your business and your marriage afloat.  luckily for me the thing that tanked ended up being the business. a respected friend told me i should write that story, but i never for a second thought it would be a book anyone would want to read.  maybe i was wrong.  oh well!  i used to fancy m`self a writer, but i find after nine years in japan i can barely type one of these blog posts without boring myself to death some days.  the death of style -  ironic, as i first came to japan with dreams of having the ideal setting in which to flourish as a writer.  in the first few years i actually did blow my own mind a bit, but now i can`t remember for the life of me what the parts of grammar are called, but i sure as heck know for sure when i`m screwing them up.  also ironic as i am a teacher of english grammar. lol.  i guess it`s a mirroring effect.  you are probably reading this and shaking your head and saying out loud WHY don`t you capitalize a THING!  i know some people are self-professed sticklers of english grammar.  i`m not at all - i love bell hooks` theory on CAPS and text-enligsh and weird form-less poetry and stuff.  let it flow, i say!  there`s a time and place for everything, and this blog just ain`t it.  it`s my `free space`.  i like it like this, the letters and words going `commando` or something..

that being said i read an interesting post somewhere last week on the history of the english language, and someone suggested the quote `we have nothing to fear but fear itself` is entirely composed of old english.  perhaps again the ADD got this stuck way in my head and i`ve been carrying that phrase around for days. lol.    it`s not a bad mantra to have on repeat, actually.  well; sprawling, rambling - definitely critiques i`ve been subject to before, so perhaps break time is over and i`d best go pick up the pitchfork again and start pitching!

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