a lighter-weight scarf for the warmer weather that is `literally in the car on the way right now` (sorry i`m late).  it`s been a few years for us personally, but hanami season is right around the corner, plans are being laid, and i remember that it means sweater weather under the cherry blossoms is coming up soon.  i love how this turned out, it was quicker than a typical weaving project, or maybe i just approached it more casually, but the warp was all this charred-pomegranate dyed handspun cotton, with a mix-in of a neon-tweed linen/cotton/hemp yarn all recycled and crinkly, to nifty effect.  i`ve been looping out my selvedges lately, been a big fan of the fringe.  i can tell my partner likes it because i always show him my work for critique and he either says `ii ja nai no?` (lit. it`s ok, isn`t it? husbandspeak. meh) or `oh!  ii!`  (lit & husbandspeak. oh!  good!) i got an `oh! ii!` out of this one.  i like it too. have to wash and finish it before putting it in the shop

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