i got a card in the mail this week informing me that we are 5 years espoused.  technically we`ve been living together for close to 10 years, and since we didn`t have a wedding or anything at all like that who`s counting anyway.  (my mom).  i just ran across some photos from our `honeymoon`.

we had a terrible time in indonesia due to plenty of factors other than indonesia, but we enjoyed eating pizza and drinking beer every night out over the indian ocean watching the moon.  by day we played alot of chess and dressed far more conservatively than any of the other tourists at our hotel. to the point of conspicuousness,  lol.  people, the sun over our way is actually bad for you! 

we`ve been on plenty of trips over the past decade, and one big adventure in particular - moving to canada and buying a cabin in the woods to fix up with wood to chop, acres to roam along the rambling river, and fields to reinvent.

now we are on a new adventure, one that involves staying put for a change.  and a new little dog to join our family. 

 today i spent a glorious ten minutes alone in the back room with my yarn stash - i am set up to knit and weave some amazing things potentially.  i know it will take a long time, years, but i`m so looking forward to growing in fiber arts.  i also started this intense ian mcewan book, and i think i`ll sit on the floor of my sunroom with a pillow and run away to bookland. i can clearly remember the last time i did this - it was over five years ago, i was living in nara and working teaching smal children.  even though it was so long ago, the memory is so clear of sitting on the floor one weekend day and reading from sunup to sundown, finishing off a whole delicious book in one sitting.  i`m so thankful i grew up in the era of paper books.  what a delicious pleasure.  i guess i have to make time to take time!  

have a wonderful weekend!

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