morning spin

morning spin

i woke up dying to hear `everything in it`s right place`.  my puppy likes some music, not all, but  she was ok with radiohead.  she seems interested in my electronic devices, and like me her top secret guilty pleasure is watching `dr. phil` on youtube while i comb her hair.  let`s never talk about that again.  haha.  i knew i had lost my brain-edge for good last year when i found myself in a heated debate with my best friend making a serious appeal to innapropriate authority by letting the following words fall out of my mouth `i watch a lot of doctor phil, so - - - -`  i can`t help myself, i just loves it.  i also watch a LOT of crap reality tv on hulu these days, a trend i largely missed out on since i left canada in 2006 and delight in binge watching from the other side of the world.  

on a note of slightly higher brow, we watched the matrix last night, i couldn`t believe it has been almost 15 years since it came out in theater.  it`s still freaking awesome.  the only questions raised this time around were 1. isn`t kung fu chinese? and if so, do people use tatami in china?  why did the kung fu dojo in the training simulation have tatami?  which led to, woah, if people use tatami in china, do people use futon in china? korea?  we had no idea.  it`s one of those things that had never crossed the minds.  it`s one of those things i`m going to go google right now.  and 2. why the heck would Neo put his foot through the tatami.  is that even possible?  conclusions? the matrix is awesome.  and i miss old desktop computers with green startup screens.  DOS?  sigh.

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