my favourite piece

this was my favourite piece of weaving last year.  everytime i see it i feel happy - i used a fine cotton/hemp yarn, a flower cotton yarn, a little bit of white roving, and the coloured sari silk.  i need to make more time this year for these little think-heavy pieces.  i`ve felt my apartment feeling quite empty, sterile, boring lately - i love minimalism but when your finishes are not as great (renting!) it can have an underwhelming impact.   i`ve started adding some texture to my dining room/kitchen with layers of woven pieces.  it makes a huge difference to the feel of the room.

when we were in canada last few years we attended an estate sale of a german woman who had been a career weaver.  her canadian daughter-in-law was happy to show me all her woven cloth and sell them for almost nothing - my eyes were like pies and i delighted in the mixture of pieces in the range of her aesthetic.  i got a woven mohair blanket that was fraying so i repaired it, and i even got some of her patchwork sewing.  i think my greatest wish is that after i die, someone might chance upon my cloth in my estate sale and find similar delight.  so i keep weaving!  lol.

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