we took this little lady to see the sea in mie prefecture, and lake biwa in shiga prefecture this weekend!  she was so busy hiding from the waves she missed the little hermit crabs, and she slept the whole drive home.  she made a lot of new friends, particularly three gentlemen admirers at our favourite antique shop where we scored two antique wooden bookshelves for our apartment, besides some vintage records and notions, all squished in a honda fit rentacar.  (amazing fuel efficiency! or maybe we`ve been non-car owners for the past year and have lost touch.)  today i`m baking oatcakes and an easy artisan boule while trying out a new warping configuration with some of my indigo hand-dyed handspun cotton.  can i squeeze in the adjective `organic` there, or is it just to much.  it`s too much, right?  but it`s wonderful yarn.  i also got to take my pup for a delightful walk full of leaves,  dapple light, cherry blossoms, streams, ducks, and giant ancient tree roots.

i can`t believe how quickly the death toll in the nepalese earthquake rose.  now that i`m earning a small regular salary again i`ll definitely have to send a bit more money to the humanitarian coalition.  earthquakes are scary - as a child of the earth, it`s sad to think of so many brothers and sisters suffering.  

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