wow, i woke up this morning and watched `ararat` (i`m a long time fan of atom egoyan but had never seen this film) and then after listening to the sad music over the credits, i read that there was another big earthquake in nepal...  leaves me with a weird feeling in my chest to start this day. it`s hard not to let your heart go out big time despite the distance.  

well, it`s my day off so i`m going to source some vegetables and make a homemade dog bed for my miniature sniffer.  i judge myself very harshly by my own grocery basket, and i feel such shame that since i started working a busier schedule my basket is often full of plastic coated processed non-food looking items.  the shame is so visceral you can almost smell it - yesterday i had a basket full of frozen gyozas, crackers, frozen pizzas, box salads, and prepackaged onigiris and  i almost died of embarrassment - i`d rather have had my skirt tucked into my pantyhose, seriously.

in other awkwardness, lately i`ve been treating humans the way i treat my dog - i actually put my finger up and shushed a bunch of second year university students yesterday in class, and this morning over breakfast across the table i held the back of my hand out to my husband to let him lick it.  oops!  bad human.  it`s terrible but i think my brain is just fried from trying to train this stubborn pup.   she un-housebroke herself recently.  why! i start at another university tomorrow - the good news this week for me is that i`ve already started warping up my eri silk and i`m going to try to pattern in my indigo hand-dyed skeins with the natural ones.  i think careful planning might be a wise route on this project, so i`m slowly warping up my chains a hundred ends at a time.  i think i might actually attempt to warp 600 ends this time.  if i do this it will be a miracle because patience has never been my strong suit.  if i make it to 400, i`ll be very pleased anyhow.  plenty of weavers say weaving is all in the preparation.  i have never approached it this way as i`ve always enjoyed (forgot the verb for `jazz riffing` - ooops, please insert, i`m too long an expat) (what is that darned word), but i`m willing to try and see what the rewards may be.  have a great week!

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