at home

at home

i just finished the rolling stone interview with susan sontag and it was thrilling to read on the train.  i`m completely addicted to the weeknd song `the hills`.  sometimes a little sound worm goes in the ear and refuses to leave.  this weekend we are eating cake and laying in sweet clover with the doggy.  i want to invest in some comfy lounge clothes for summer, and food ingredients to make great tasting pasta.  what are you doing?

i`ve been remarkably absent - i`m looking forward to summer vacation from university classes starting soon.  i plan to get back into weaving full time over the two months break and also will be heading back to eastern canada at some point.  it`s been hectic getting back into a work schedule and planning my lessons and training the puppy and somehow managing housework, but deliciously so.  i look forward to the eventual lull and more time to spend here.  :D  i am working on my indigo silk however, and just started warping on a sampler;;; (finally!) -s

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