ever since i picked up this book second hand i`ve been completely obsessed with flipping through it again and again and imagining which piece i will start first and with what yarn....  the last thing i crocheted was a pair of slippers from some terrible scrap yarn, that although i didn`t like, my doggy loved, and unravelled completely back to yarn with her adult canines.

i didn`t expect when we got a puppy, that my work with fiber would be so impeded.  she has a taste for string, and so anything i am doing she takes a keen interest and a bite to if not fended off correctly.  the only upside to all this is that she is clearly a fan of my work, and i take a strange pleasure in her chewing up my little handwoven pieces (that i give to her) and my knitwork.  i think she has pretty good taste in toys, for a dog.  and she seems generally interested in the work - she`ll prop her head up on the arm of the sofa and watch me intently as i weave.  
it`s nice having a fan!

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