i was revisiting my old computer hard drive, looking for some photos of our old cabin in canada to print and i found a folder of old weaving work.  it`s funny, at the time i thought our renovation was the best part of living there, but all the photos of the little shack that mean the most to me, are of when it was looking its most rundown and shabby.  today i`m torn between finishing up a new scarf and sneaking episodes of downton abbey.  also trying to make myself read more - i know i will enjoy it, it is just an adult ADD matter of sitting down and picking up the darned things.

creative work for me has a real flow - now i`m definitely in the inspiration `filling up my cup` phase, which is great but worrying me a little because my real world time line needs me to be moving into the `weaving it already` phase like two weeks ago.  can`t rush it!  just have to go with the flow and hope for the best!

also can`t stop ogling other people`s mitered blanket projects online - i`ve only done domino knitting once.. i think it may be time to cast on yet another long range project! maybe i can forget sewing a quilt for winter and just knit one!

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