NEW WARP. pt.1

the mohair (black) and baby alpaca (grey) were meant to be the stars of this warp, long hoarded... and yet this white wool yarn from teoriya in the northern part of osaka city caught my eye with its suprising and fantastic halo...  not hoarded like the other two yarns, it was just a leftover cake in my stash from a gift project earlier this year when i experimented with some finer (gauge) weaving... it really is soft as angora, i have to hand it to the spinner.  (i`m pretty sure this is original yarn spun for the shop).  i`d been having a creative crisis with the weaving work, not helped at all by a seasonal obsession with knits going into full bloom.  now that i have a beautiful warp, i just hope i don`t screw it up.  fear has no place in this work!  have to push it back and pretend this yarn (particularly the baby alpaca) hasn`t been hoarded as long as it has.  ;D  aha.  isn`t that white yarn just the star, though? it looks good enough to eat.


  1. I am not a knitter nor a weaver but I am utterly in love with yarn ! Just the look of it, to feel, to hug and touch. Many images comes to mind, playing kittens, sweet lambs, soft bedding, cold winters, wood burning stove, knitted fall sweaters, rugs and pillows, and lots of warm and cozy products

  2. Yarn like this is like chocolate to me, it has an effect on my brain - I drool over the soft halo. It`s funny how so many people feel like this about yarn! :D