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since coming back from canada i`ve been watching alot of `yukon men`, retro episdoes of `land and sea` and VICE shorts on youtube,  enjoying the fall weather and colours, bonding with my dog, eating tons of nabe, and weaving bird-eye.  i brought back the remains of my record collection, and inherited my father`s entire record collection (a thing highly coveted since childhood) and i`ve rigged up my terrible little crosley with my ipad speaker dock and have managed to significantly improve my sound quality for the interim between now and when i can afford to upgrade to a decent soundsystem (? when ? ).  no matter.  everyone is well and all is beyond well.  today is voting day in canada, here`s hoping i`ll wake up tomorrow to a full day of `heave steve` festivities.  it would be ten years of teeth-gritting in wait.  :D

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