100% alpaca

i`ve been obsessed with alpaca for what feels like a whole year.  what luck to find two pure alpaca sweaters on their last legs in the discount bin at the already discount recycle shop!!??!!  i had a lot each of grey and white yarn, and i`ve decided after some testing to coffee dye a good portion of the white, and knit up a new icelandic yoke sweater with brown, grey and white colourwork.  the first sweater i ever knit was a vintage lopi pattern, from vintage wool and mohair in the same colours, from my husbands late grandmothers things, given to me by my mother in law.  since disintegrated from wear, it`s time to knit a replacement.  be told, i am the slowest sweater knitter in the universe.  hope it doesn`t take all year! i can`t wait to wear this squishy soft stuff.  already been through unravelling, skeining, steaming, washing, soaking, dyeing, washing, drying... yet to come, balling up, and knitting.  oh, and that little fingerling of linen is from an ambitious tablecloth project - i recently spied a set of vintage swedish huck linen tablecloths for sale at a lovely shop in kyoto...instead of purchasing them, i purchased an armful of natural and white linen right after learning how to weave double width on my loom, and am hoping to pull off a simple striped tablecloth in 100% linen to keep forever and ever.  chances of success are slim, but i remain hopeful!  have to walk through the fire with my eye on the prize!  would be nice to indigo dye a small portion of the white linen as an accent.. we shall see!

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