last month we took a car onto a ferry to kyushu from osaka port.  coming back we had a car full of old furniture, paintings, a vintage bottle of scotch and a treasure trove of vintage scottish tartan blankets from our grandmother.  if you knew how carefully i`d been holding onto the one plaid woolen blanket i had collected years ago, you might imagine the fireworks going off in my head having been given three very fine ones in one day, even one from the robbie burns family!  unfortunately one had a few holes and dark stains, so i set to some embroidering.  very fun, and very rewarding.  thanks to grandmother our little hole in the wall has become infinitely more cozy.  great time for hunkering down as the chilling cold sets in.  merry christmas, happy holidays, joyous yule, happy new year!  lots of love from lark & crabbe.

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