EYE CANDY - fudge magazine

i HAD to pick it up.  fudge has exploded into a zakka issue, hair, makeup/beauty/health, the onkul series, men`s fudge, and probably something else i haven`t seen yet! i`m debating whether or not to stock this one in the shop, it`s pretty good though!

exhibit A - that sweater by acne.  swoon. 

i like, i like, cables everywhere, good…  plaid to the left.

i see you MHL sweater.   i SEE you. 
nice, suitcase full of socks, story of my life.  keep going. 

i dies for some vivian westwood.  usually just peeping into the store from outside.  like, admiring from afar.  she`s cornered the `fushigi na iro` thing, especially in her plaids.  the colors that pop each other, like red, fuchsia and navy.  and those insane almost-from-the-90`s-my-neon-socks-yellows.  all anchored and tied down with the sane base of trad.  it`s a whole world of color for god`s sake.  this issue was pretty legit exciting.  almost back to the good old days.  sigh!