i wove this all silk rug last night, it`s made from recycled sari yarn and other silk yarns.  i really enjoyed weaving it, i felt like i was painting a picture.

i sewed this little doll yesterday, and the baby quilt beneath it (my sister is expecting!).  when my husband got home and saw the doll i made he asked me if i was feeling ok.  lol.  yes, ok, i guess i lost my mind a little.  even if it is too creepy for a child, i love my little teddy.  it`s so soft and squishy, and it reminds me of a daikon.  my husband says it looks like a block of tofu. 

i love my little silk carpet so much that i started a second one using wool...  and those socks on the needles need to hurry up, it is freezing! i reclaimed that red tweed wool from an old sweater years ago and have been lugging it around waiting for a project.  it`s number is finally up!