have you heard of margaret howell?  although she`s a UK designer, most of her shops are in japan.  90 in fact, whereas only 7 are in the UK.   her apparel is extremely well made and extremely well designed.  it`s also expensive, but i`m starting to to think of quality clothing as a long term investment.  

margaret howell

my husband has MHL items that are 15 years old, that still look current and in like-new condition. for eight years i have been ridiculing his taste in expensive clothing, and he has been scorning my taste in quick fashion, always something from a recycle shop on a whim, soon returned from whence it came. finally i have to concede that there is something to it.  since turning 30 my own style has certainly settled into a comfortable place.  i know what i like and what i don`t like.  i look for quality basics, well constructed from good textiles.  now i`m pining for some MHL.  my husbands MHL pieces have been in my home for so long, and look so good that they have a sort of aura. i think i`m going to start saving my money and eventually buy a piece, perhaps those corduroy pants below.  since i started living more minimally and less disposably, i have to carefully consider each item i bring into my home and my closet.