i`ve had this animal collective album `feels` on cd since i came to japan and i found in on vinyl shortly afterwards in a used record shop for about 1500¥ .  it`s followed me from my partying on the beach days to my apprenticing on a farm days, to these days, whatever they are, and i still love to give it a spin.  i can`t imagine for the life of me who would have bought this album, and then decided to give it up.  then again there were about five used bright eyes albums in the shop, which i am still kicking myself for not picking up.  i can`t imagine somebody ever parting with those things!  all my bright eyes cds skip so bad they hardly play through, but i still can`t get rid of them.  then again i know from experience with moving back and forth that the day does come when you have to give up something so amazing because you can`t drag it with you.  (i am the nice lady who donated six years worth of fudge magazine to value village.  it was me.)  one persons trash is another persons treasure.  i certainly treasure this.