shirt levi strauss, bracelet power-stone hawk eye mix from a little shop on terramachi

i picked up this t-shirt at 90%off in teijin men`s shop ginza.  i`m an unabashed bargain psycho, and i couldn`t have been more delighted to pick up a 100% cotton pocket tee in just the right shade of grey to hopefully wear for the rest of my life.  from the moment i burst out of the cocoon of pink girly stuff with lace on it styled by my mother, until the strangely quiet moment i turned thirty-one, shopping was an act of absolute rebellious whimsy.  i was drawn to anything wild, obnoxious, novelty, tacky, subversive, retro, polyester and loud that i could find at the local goodwill.  after 30, something happened at the molecular level and i started turning to quality basics in natural fibers and neutral colors that were well cut.  i became more sensitive to the `vibe` of clothes, as well as the shade and texture, and with a minimalist philosophy already in play in other areas of the home, my closet became extremely clean, neat, and edited.  to tell the truth, i`ve never been happier with dressing than i am now.  your clothes really do carry their own baggage, whether it`s memories associated with wearing them, or simply that they make you feel inadequate in some area because they don`t fit properly there.  if you run your hand over a piece of clothing and you feel anything other than, like, really good, i say donate it, post haste!

a short note on power-stones, they are extremely popular in japan, and i must say i absolutely buy into their hype as charms.  this one allegedly protects me from the bad vibes of other people.  i believe it does the best it can.